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Amplify not working as expected on IOS - New Testament


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I'm using the latest IOS version - 2.3.3 build


Some time ago I learned/was told that to select which Tool resource is used for the Amplify function, you set the order of the tools in the list.  At the time I set it up and everything worked as expected.


However, a few months ago I got a new phone and after installing  Accordance, it doesn't seem to work.  No matter what order the tools are that I have installed, it always uses the Mounce tools to amplify.  My order is as follows:



  1. Hebrew Strong's Dictionary
  2. Kohlenberger/Mounce Hebrew
  3. Concise Dict. of Classical Hebrew
  4. NAS Hebrew Dictionary


  1. TLNT (Spicq)
  2. Greek Strong's Dictionary
  3. Mounce Greek Dictionary
  4. Newman Greek Dictionary
  5. Thayer
  6. NAS Greek Dictionary

How do I get Accordance to search the dictionary I want when I select amplify?

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The Strongs texts on the iOS are indeed tied to the default dictionary. The workaround is to tap Amplify to go to the dictionary, then select the original word in the dictionary and amplify again which takes you to the top lexicon on the list that has an article on that word. Note that Spicq includes relatively few articles, on "important" words only.

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