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Skipping verse on Opt-click in notes file


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When I've got a notes file open to a particular verse, say Ex 33, 18, and I've typed my note, and I want to create an entry in that note file for a new verse, I come across a bug.


When I Opt-click the down arrow, most of the time, though not always, a new verse entry is created for the verse two verses down, e.g. Ex 33:20 (rather than 33:19). If I Opt-click up, I get to 33:19.


In addition, when I've scrolled down a fair bit in an entry, and have more than a 'page' of notes, and then Opt-click for a new entry, the new entry is scrolled down as far as the previous one was, even though there's no content, and I have to scroll up to the top to get to the verse link heading and begin typing notes.


These are a couple of annoying bugs in what is otherwise an excellent notes system. My thanks to Oaktree.


Edit: I also get this graphical bug when I paste Hebrew text in sometimes. Scrolling so that the affected area is not visible fixes the problem, but in many cases, as in this one, there is not enough of a note entry to scroll, in order to fix the visual error. This means that I have to close the note and open it again so I can read and edit teh affected line.



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I had no answer to the first two bugs as I could not reproduce them, and hoped that if it was a problem for others we would hear from them.


I did not see the last problem until now as you edited the note after I had read it. It seems to be a redraw bug, and I think if you just page to the next note and back it will be corrected.

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