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Keep crashing after synchronize with dropbox

Mutien Chen

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I guessed it's after I synchronize with dropbox, I can't open accordance in my iPad air 2 anymore. 

I tried to remove it and reinstall it and synchronize again, it crash again.

Are there any solutions for this?


This issue after I upgraded to iOS 9.2.

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Hi Mutien,


It looks like one of your user content files is corrupt (possibly a user note or highlight file). 



First, I would reset the user content on your iPad (instead of reinstalling):

  • "Quit" Accordance Mobile
  • Open Settings > Accordance > Application Startup and select " Reset User Content"
  • Open Accordance Mobile.

Accordance Mobile should delete the old user content.

Second, could you post screen shots of the files in Dropbox.com > Apps > Accordance  ?
There may be a name conflict, conflicted copy, etc. that would be easy to fix.
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Dear Mike,
Thanks, Reset User Content worked.

I am not sure whether the attachment is what you asked or not?











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  • 4 weeks later...

I had copied and pasted a note from the Apple Notes application into my user notes, synched with DropBox and Accordance crashed 2x, then wouldn't open at all.  Reinstalled 2x, hard reset 2x.  Came to this forum and tried resetting user content.  It worked. Still lost the note but at least it's working again.

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Sadly I still can't synchronize Dropbox. I am waiting for 2.3, and hopefully it would be solved.

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