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Constant Crashing/ No Update Alerts/ Cannot Download Purchases


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Have the new iPadPro and expect Accordance to perform 100 per cent.


1/ The download feature and faceplate is totally presumptive and unstable, and the forum - until now - was not even accessible.


2/ The "Wait Until It's Totally Downloaded" requirement is TOTALLY broken.


3/ Having invested in texts which cannot be accessed makes the whole exercise a complete waste of time.


4/ The moderators' responses do not even seem to acknowledge the iOS App is broken.


An update is required, and Apple will be notified as to its breaches in bug response times.


Assuming the message is posted, I will update when and IF this behaviour is modified.


Nov 2015.

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I am sorry that you are so frustrated. Of course we acknowledge that there are bugs in 2.2, and have done so all over these forums. It's especially hard to keep things working perfectly when Apple constantly updates the underlying systems. We do have 2.3 now in beta testing and hope it to release it next month. In the meantime our tech support staff will be happy to help you during business hours. Right now our 24/7 support is limited by the absence of half our staff at the AAR/SBL Annual Meetings.

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I've got the iPad Pro, although I'm running the 2.3 beta for Accordance. 


Try this-- Kill Accordance Mobile and restart your iPad Pro. Go to Settings: Accordance, and flip the switches on "Remove Saved Session" and "Clear Download Cache." 


Then launch Accordance. See if these steps make any difference in being able to run Accordance and access your library. 


Please let me know how this goes. 

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