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Fixing Fonts

Helen Brown

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There are two font issues with our fonts in Mac OS X, which are sometimes confused. The first is when they do not display correctly within Accordance, and the second, detailed far below, is when certain characters get substituted in Word or other OS X programs.




Font Display in Accordance


The first step is to make sure that you have the latest version of Accordance and the latest fonts, which isbest accomplished by downloading the latest installer.


If the fonts still do not appear correctly, try turning off the smoothing in Accordance Preferences/Appearance. If they now display correctly, you have a problem with FontBook. This is not an adequate fix, just a diagnostic step, you will not be happy without font smoothing.

1. First try the FontFixer utility for your version of Accordance, found on the same download page. It does the same cleanup as the new installers, but installs only the Truetype files.

2. If this fails try these instructions for removing duplicates from FontBook:

In Font Book:

Open Font Book by clicking on any font.

Look at the font name, if there is a black dot beside the name, select the Font and choose Resolve Duplicates from the Edit menu.

If this does not correct the problem when restarting Accordance, go back to Font Book

Choose Preview>Show Font Info

Open each font triangle and select each item within it, and either Disable (Edit menu) or Remove (File menu) each item EXCEPT the ones you want to keep, which are those in the .famTrueType in Library/Fonts. Look at them all first, and you will see where each copy is.

3. If you still have problems:


If your fonts are garbled, or if there are fonts that won

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