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Steve Loosley

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Is there a way to search as follows:


1) generate a verse list from an original language search;

2) search that verse list in an English text?


I want to search on ???? in the Psalms, gather all of the verses, and then eliminate those verses that the ESV translates ???? as "rule."


Is there a way to do this with Accordance?




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Piece of cake! (English slang for easy as pie, that's American for it's easy!)

  • Keep the window with your original search, say BHS-W4.
  • Open an ESV window, set it search for Words
  • Enter the [CONTENTS] command with your other window name and the rest of your argument so it looks like this:
    [CONTENTS BHS-W4] rule
  • Click OK!

However: this search finds verses that have your original seach in Hebrew but do not have rule in ESV. It does not tell you whether rule was actually translating your search term, just that it is not in that verse.


The only ways you have to get word by word comparisons of texts are

  • to use Key numbers in a text that has them such as the NAS95S e.g.:
    [KEY H4941]@-rule
    which finds all words with this key number except for the word rule
  • or to compare the Hebrew with the LXX using the MT/LXX Parallel text, which has its own chapter in the Grammatical Supplement.

I hope this helps.

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