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Surface Geeks Podcast on Small Windows Tablets.

R. Mansfield

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I've been invited as a guest on the Surface Geeks podcast tonight to discuss small Windows tablets. It will not necessarily be Accordance-related, but some of you know I've been quite keen on using Accordance on Windows tablets to get a full Accordance experience in a mobile form factor. 


If you're interested in small Windows tablets or considering purchasing one, you might want to tune in around 9:30 PM EST. There will be discussions around specific tablets such as the Toshiba Encore 2 Write (my current tablet of choice), the HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 8 among others.


If I get a more specific link, I'll add it, but for right now, here is their landing page: 



And, of course, the podcast will be available in both audio and video sometime tomorrow. 


Surface Geeks recently posted my review of the Toshiba Encore 2 Write.

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If you're interested, here are links to last night's Surface Geeks podcast.
Actually, though, I will confess that I blew my chance to mention Accordance. Since it was my first time on the show, I was prepared to do this when they asked me to introduce myself or where I worked. I had all of that ready! But they never asked :-( 
And then when I was talking about how I use the Toshiba Encore 2 Write, "Accordance" never once came out of my mouth--and that's my main use for the tablet! 
Of course, I wasn't invited to participate in the podcast to discuss Accordance, but I had intended to at least slip in mention of it.
FYI: All of this is hardcore Windows stuff with hardly a mention of anything Apple-related, so let that serve as a warning if your heart resides exclusively in Cupertino. 
Anyway, here is the video version which is more “rough."
And here is the audio version that has been cleaned up.
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