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A Couple of Cautionary Tales

Helen Brown

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It is sad to realise that, even in the field of Bible Software, some people are out to make a quick buck or save a few bucks, even if it is illegal.


A missionary called us recently as he was unable to load the CD he said a "friend" bought for him. Turned out he had paid over $400 to the "friend" who had sold him obsolete and pirated CD-ROMs.


Today a user called for tech support with version 7. He had paid a "friend" $100 for the "discounted" upgrade code for which we would have charged $29.


I was told recently that many grad students at a very prestigious school of divinity are using pirated copies of Accordance.


Please remember that when you buy software you are buying a license to use it on your own computer. We deliberately do not hassle you with multi levels of protection. We trust you to install it on your own computer(s) or on one computer for multiple users. We have site licenses available for multiple users in a household, church, or institution.


When you upgrade a program or CD by purchasing a new code or CD at the upgrade price, you are not entitled to give or sell your old CD-ROMs or codes, unless you are not using those modules yourself at all. If you want to transfer all or part of your license to another user, please call us so that we can note this on both your accounts.


When you sell your old computer you should remove all the software that did not come preinstalled on it, unless you do not plan to continue using that software on your replacement computer. Again, please let us know if the license is transferred. If you buy a used computer, make sure that you legally own the software, or remove it.


So please, please, be careful when offered Accordance products on the cheap or on the side. If you did not purchase them legally, we will not consider you the owner.

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<_< Oh, dear. Such sin presenting itself in the world of Biblical scholarship. Even at a school of divinity? I notice it's not a seminary, though ;) May the same not be true at such places.


If I was rich I would like to pay for every pirated copy of Accordance. It is unjust. Thank you for letting us all know about this problem, Helen. Let us will pray for those folks who are stealing, that they may repent.

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