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2 tablet/touch issues


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Two issues I'm experiencing on my 10" Thinkpad Tablet 2, win8.1 (32 bit):

1. Every time I (re)open Accordance in landscape screen orientation, the panes inside the workspace (from my previous session) are only occupying a fraction (25%?) of the window/screen size. Switching orientation to portrait and back fixes the issue. (Assuming auto-rotate is on.)


2. If I tap the module name dropdown menu in a pane to quickly select a different module in the same category, it's quite difficult to select on a touch screen, because the dropdown/pop-up menu contains lots of modules, and I haven't found a way to scroll without a keyboard or mouse with scroll wheel funtionality ... Sometimes there's arrow triangels on such menus, that sometimes works (so I can tap to scroll), but they are not always present, and also seem unresponsive often -- even if I use the stylus.

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