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Pre-release of 10.4 for Windows

Helen Brown

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In response to the many bug reports, we are releasing publicly a pre-release version of 10.4 for Windows. It will have some new features, but mainly it fixes most of the bugs that have been reported.


You can download it here, or wait a few hours and it will appear in your Check for App Update.


Thank you everyone for your patience and careful reports.

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Those are the issues I found in the pre-release 10.4:


The instant details window gets cropped in fullscreen mode after accordance is closed and opened again.

s. Screenshots: before restart post-29973-0-18246400-1393098083_thumb.png and after post-29973-0-05710200-1393098088_thumb.png

Keyboard Shortcuts:
1. Arrow Keys
ALT+Left/Right Keys: cursor still jumps between words
CTRL+Left/Right Keys: cursor still jumps between beginning and end of line

Expected behavior in Windows:
ALT+Left/Right Keys: does nothing/not assigned (there are keys pos1/end for to jump to beginning/end of line)
CTRL+Left/Right Keys: jump between words

2. Switching between word/verse search
Still doesn't work on the German keyboard

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Hi, every time I check to see if the official 10.4 release is out, I am told that I'm up to date. So I am concluding that either:


a. My app updater functionality is malfunctioning, or

b. When Helen stated that the official 10.4 release would be out in a 'few hours,' she actually meant a few days.


To help me resolve this: has 10.4 been released?





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Hi Matt,


I never took this to mean that the production ver. of 10.4 would be out in a little bit, but just that the 10.4pr1 would be. In any case I waited for it to appear in either the production or the Aleph Check for App Update... and it didn't. After a number of hours I just downloaded it from the link and installed. That revealed that it was the production channel not the Aleph, but not why Check for App Update was not noticing it. To your direct question I don't believe 10.4 production is out yet and either Windows or Mac.




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The pre-release was posted mainly because new users were unable to install their modules with the previous release, but it was not posted in Check for Updates as it was not the full release of 10.4. Every bug you guys report delays the release some more. Our programmers are perfectionists!

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I'm still getting install issues with this pre-release in windows 7 64 bit ultimate.


Half way through downloading I get a message saying there is an error, and would I like to install the already downloaded modules.


When I click install, it throws up error messages for many of the items. The common thread between the items seems to be an apostrophe in the title name, or an umlaut.


I also then got a write permission error for ESV.


Then the install hangs, and I have to close it through task manager.

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