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BUG 10.3.2 - Default Session Only 'Kind Of' Remembering Session State

Matt Fredenburg

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I kept noticing that when I opened Accordance my Library pane and Instant Details were always smaller than I wanted. I thought I had set and saved the default session multiple times, but every time I started Accordance, they'd be smushed again. I have Startup set to 'Default Session' and here are the steps I have followed:


1. Open Accordance:



2. Drag dividers for the Library and Instant Details to where I want them to be



3. Set the Default Session via the Preferences dialog, click 'Yes' when prompted, and then click 'OK.'

4. Exit Accordance

5. Open Accordance, the Library and Instant Details panes are not as I had configured them:






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I was unable to duplicate this in 10.3.3.



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