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Workspace with two extensions

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


I just got a workspace with two extensions, specifically the name is Greek Vocab.acc3.accord. Now I'm pretty sure I saw that 10.3.2 fixed redundant accord suffixes on workspaces.


OK test case is pretty simple. Pick a workspace. Remove it from your favorites - don't know if this is strictly necessary but I did it. Use File -> Open and open the workspace - check first that its called .acc3 correctly as my Greek Vocab.acc3 was. As soon as its open it will have had .accord added to the file name. To fix this I add it to my favorites and close the WS. Then I use Explorer to change the file name removing the .accord. Then I open it from the favorites and Acc cannot find the file because the favs have the wrong name stored. Search for the corrected file and open it. Then we are good.




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