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BUG 10.3.2 - Accordance Crashes When Attempting to Open Workspace if Startup Set to Last Session with Blank Display

Matt Fredenburg

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Steps to duplicate:


  1. Set Accordance preferences to 'Default Search Tab' under General:Startup
  2. Click File->Quit
  3. Start Accordance
  4. Click File->Close
  5. Click File->Open
  6. Open the workspace CurrentSundaySeries
  7. Set Accordance preferences to 'Last Session' under General:Startup
  8. Click File->Close
  9. Click File->Quit
  10. Open Accordance
  11. Accordance will open the CurrentSundaySeries workspace, but no workspace items will be visible
  12. Click File->Open
  13. Accordance disappears



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This cannot be duplicated in 10.3.3.





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