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Toolbar Registry Setting Causing Crash on Startup


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I found an interesting problem today. A few days ago I did some rearranging in Accordance (preferences, general settings, toolbar, etc).


The following day every time I started Accordance it would hang. I did quite a bit of troubleshooting but couldn't nail down the issue even though it seemed like a preference problem. My troubleshooting included deleting my preferences, modules, saved sessions, reinstalling, etc. Finally I created a new user on my computer and was able to start Accordance normally.


I noticed when starting Accordance under my username that the toolbar settings were the same as I set up the previous day (even after having deleting my preferences folder). From there I figured that the toolbar settings must be saved somewhere besides the preferences folder.


After some searching I found that the toolbar configuration is saved in the WIndows registry. I navigated to that particular folder in the registry and found a "Toolbar" key. I deleted it and Accordance started working normally again.


I'll may try to reproduce it later but for now just need a working Accordance so it will be a few days.


Just in FYI for others who may encounter the issue.

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I think I found the issue. It appears to be caused when adding an excessive number of "Separator" items into the toolbar.


Whe faced with this issue, delete the "toolbar" key under:




It may look something like this:




The "-1" notes a seperator item. When there are a lot of them it will cause Accordance to hang on startup.

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