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Preferences menu loses focus when stepping down it with arrow key

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


Really minor thing I noticed in the prefs. Doesn't happen on Mac.

Ver 10.3.1 Win 7.


Edit -> Prefs.

Click on the first menu item - General - shows as blue highlighted with red box around.

Then scroll down the list using the arrow keys.

It gets to Text Display after 3 clicks.

Two things happen - it advances unasked to the next item - Tool Display, and you cannot scroll down further with the arrow keys.

If you click on the menu item you can then scroll again. And once an item has displayed its panel you can scroll through that item just fine.

But each time you open the prefs the behaviour is initially like this until the selected pane displays the first time.


There are a couple of menu items this happens for - Text Display, User Notes Display can have this issue. It may be timing related because I've also had subsequent menu items work after I've had the prefs open long enough, for example to type up this report.




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