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Search result in multiple tabs

Steven van der Hoeven

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I have started a regular search, see screenshot 1. In one tab a lemma search result is shown and in the other a root search result.

When I now perform a lemma search on one of the greek words in tab 1 (right mouseclick -> search lemma) the other tabs become both updated with the search result. Screenshot 2.

Is that a new feature?



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Interesting bug! We will look into it.


No, on closer look, it's not a bug. If you used the right-click menu to do another lemma search, it will update all recyclable tabs for that text, so yes, it is normal to replace the search in both tabs. You can click the recycle icon to keep the tab unchanged.


There is no way currently to direct, say, another lemma search to replace a lemma search, and another root search to replace a root search.

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