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Minor issue - Copy words from analysis

Steven van der Hoeven

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Win7-64 Acc 10.3.0


When using the new (and appreciated) literal search function I want to be able to analyse the results from the analysis word list by searching the lemma's or check the lemma's in a dictionary.

But I have found it not easy to highlight/select words from the analysis pane, especially verbs. At least it isn't a smooth process.


Btw, would it be possible to add a space between the lemma and its (root)?




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Steven, interestingly enough, the space exists on the Mac, but not PC! We'll have to investigate that.


But, to select the word, I just double-click it, and I never seem to have any problems. Does that work for you?

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I have not been succesful with double clicking until now.

See screenshots:

1) The first attempt to double click david I only het the last letter.

2) The second attempt I only get the first two letters

3) Accidentally triple clicking results in selecting the complete row

4) When double clicking verbs the -1, -2 parts are left out.


For this reason I started slecting words by dragging the mouse pointer over the words. But dragging seems quite sensitive to the exact location where you start click and drag. It is like a table in MS Word. When you start selecting outside the table border (that you normally don't see) the whole row is selected. Once you start clicking withing the table borders it is possible to select a subset (screenshot 5&6).


(Edit: my screenshots have moved order for some reason - follow names capture1-6.png)







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