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Problem selecting large portions of Hebrew text

David Knoll

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Acc 10.3.0, Dell Inspiron 580 8 Gb RAM, Windows 8 64 Bit




I wish to copy a portion of a text which exceeds the window size. I start selecting the text from the top by holding the left mouse button clicked and moving it downwards.When I reach the bottom the window is supposed to scroll down automatically but It doesn't (first problem). I therefore use my mouse's scroll button to scroll down and reveal additional verses. However they are not coloured blue and I cannot tell if they are selected for copy (second problem).


Note previous reports:




I am posting this again to prevent it from being left behind.

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I have witnessed this behavior many times and in many contexts as well.



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Hello. I am a new user of Accordance 10.3.1 for Windows, and I have had significant problems with selecting text. The problem described above is one of them. I go to select text in the Greek text window (or the parsing window, same thing happens), and it selects to the bottom of what is visible on screen, but then "jams" and doesn't keep scrolling down. The prevents selecting more than a verse or two.


I did get around this by scrolling upwards instead of downwards. That is, go to the bottom of the text you want to select, and move upwards. I found that the page would scroll upwards if I did this and allow me to select all the text I wanted. This worked sometimes. This leads to the other problem though!


The other problem I have found, both in the Greek text window and the parsing window. It especially seems to happen in the parsing window. When I do my work around strategy of starting from the bottom and scrolling up, Accordance just dies. All of a sudden it just crashes, exits, and disappears. When I restart it, I get the message that Accordance was not stopped properly last time I exited, would I like to restore the autosaved last session.


Both these problems are pervasive in the sense that they happen very frequently. But both are also intermitant, in the sense that they may not happen every time.



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