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Unable to Paste Hebraica II

Brian Webster

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Using 10.1.7.


I believe this has been noted before.

When I export Hebrew text in an ASCII font such as HebraicaII

it will not paste as such into a Word Processor, like MSWord or Text Edit.

After being pasted in, MSWord reads it as Calibri, but for some reason is unable to find and replace looking for the font that it (Word) says it (the font) is.


What I wanted to add is this,

In my 9.6.6 version on my home computer, I can export as Hebraica II and it will paste in fine.

That is why, even though I've paid for the upgrade to version 10 for my personal license,

I have not installed the upgrade. On my work computer I have 10.1.7 and have this problem.

I create lots of handouts and need to manipulate the Hebrew font separately from the rest of the text.

And don't want to have to highlight and change every string that is supposed to be Hebrew.

(So this is nearly enough to ask if I can downgrade my work version.)


I think you are already working on it, but thought maybe it would be helpful to know about a version that is working.

If it matters:

The computer using 9.6.6 is running OS 10.8.2

The computer running 10.1.7 is running OS 10.8.3

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