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Atlas User Layers file location

Mick Matousek

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A recent occasion had me sending a zipped folder of Accordance documents to be used for a presentation on another laptop. My Atlas document had customizations which did not get transferred. I assumed that I missed copying the appropriate user file in the Accordance Files folder. Not there. I located the Atlas User Layers file in the Library:Preferences:Accordance Preferences folder. I recommend that the Atlas User Layer document should be located in the same folder where User Notes and User Tools are stored, even a User Timeline folder for timeline custom user data.


Three folders to look for required user files seems too much.


And while an Atlas User folder may be more logical, it does not elegantly resolve my missing presentation data problem. In the future, every time I use Accordance Atlas files on a different computer (or user account) to perform a presentation, I will be burdened to copy the Accordance Atlas User Layer File AND the presentation documents folder with Accordance documents; thereafter, to install properly before my presentation. It would be good if there was an option to include the custom user data into the Atlas document, similar to the font data in a PDF file.


Perhaps an Accordance FAQ or David Lang blog article could be developed for document portability guidance.

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