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Analysis of counted terms

Martin Shields

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I've constructed a search to return all nouns, verbs, and adjectives within a specified range which occur 30 or more times:

( [ADJECTIVE] @ [COUNT 30-1000] ) <OR> ( [NOUN]  @ [COUNT 30-1000] ) <OR> ( [VERB]  @ [COUNT 30-1000] )

(The above appears reversed in the Hebrew search field.) This seems to work, as far as I can tell.


I then go to details and analysis. This produces a list (which I sort) of these words. However, the sorted list is broken into three sections: one for adjectives, one for nouns, and one for verbs. Ideally, I'd like a single list sorted by decreasing frequency, but I cannot find a simple way to achieve this. Is it possible?


Further to this, it would be nice if, when I select a "Count" of (for example) "Importance," then I could still see the total number of instances of the word as well (rather than just the "importance" value.



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Try this search term:


( [NOUN], [ADJECTIVE], [VERB] )@ [COUNT 30-1000]


The Analysis the way you did the search shows each term separately, this constructs the search as a single term.


Currently you can only display one kind of count at a time, but you can of course duplicate the tab and change the count type in one.

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Thanks, Helen. I had tried something similar, but used <AND> instead of @ which clearly didn't work!


A minor oddity does appear in the Analysis window at the top of the results where it lists the search criteria, the parentheses are reversed for Hebrew searches, so it shows the following:


) [NOUN], [ADJECTIVE], [VERB] ( @ [COUNT 30-1000]

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