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Hardware and Software Enhancements In Teaching with Accordance

Tony Lawrence

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While I have some down time I thought I might share how I am using Accordance in the Bible Classes in hope that others might do so also. I think the forums are an excellent way to learn how others are using Accordance in their preparation and also presentation. In this post I wanted to highlight some of the technology.


In classrooms I have been using my iPad and Accordance with an external VGA connector and attaching it to an HDTV in a classroom. I put the text on screen (of course I have to enlarge the size of the font significantly). I scroll as I read the text aloud. On significant words I will press and hold to show the meaning (using one of the tagged texts). At times I use the cross references, at other times I use parallel texts, and occasionally I will have my user notes. This keeps the class visually engaged.


I also teach a mid-week Bible Class in our church auditorium. While the auditorium will seat close to 400, our class generally will consist of about 120. One can beg people to sit near the front (which usually doesn’t work), or one can go to them. So I place the lectern about ½ way back which crowds the students toward the back (providing for much better for discussion). The issue is the use of our projection system. The connection to the projector in the pulpit so this means that if I use Powerpoint/Keynote one must either stand there or use a remote. This also means that one must turn around periodically to be sure the slides advance (not a good solution). I have found a very good solution that others may wish to investigate as well. Using Splashtop Streamer on the laptop and Splashtop remote on my iPad I can have my iPad on the lectern and control the laptop in the pulpit. It also allows me to see what is on the screen without turning around. To learn more about Splashtop see this link: <http://www.splashtop.com/>


Recently I purchased an AppleTV for my home. I have tested it out using Airplay and expect to purchase one to use at church soon. With my iPad 3 it works perfectly and requires no messy cables. I have also wanted to use my laptop with it, but it is an older MacBook that does not support Airplay. Then I learned of AirParrot. It will allow older MacBooks (and even Windows laptops) to use Airplay. Here is a link: <http://airparrot.com>


Both of these solutions require that one have wifi available. Initially we had a cheap consumer grade wireless router to cover the auditorium. It would quickly become overwhelmed and the connection with Splashtop would drop. At the suggestion of my son (who an IT professional with our local telco) we purchased an enterprise grade Access Point to cover our auditorium (we purchased Versatek’s VX-AP310N). That made a tremendous difference.


I look forward to learning from what others are doing as well.

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I'm thinking of replacing my three-year-old MacBookPro computer to take advantage of AirPlay. This time around I would go back to an iMac and use an iPad for portability for presenting lessons. Tony Lawrences's run-down of computer, tablet, Apple TV, and wifi is valuable.

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