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Problem searching for Scriptures in MT-LXX parallel

Ken Simpson

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I was trying to make the MT-LXX example (that works perfectly under 9.6.6) in the Accordance exchange.


Playing with the database has uncovered something that I think is a bug.


If you open the database, then change the drop-down to "Scripture", no matter what scripture you put in, Accordance says it can't find the reference even though the Scripture is clearly in the database.




As a separate (though I think related) issue: when the MT-LXX example is run, I get a an error that the verses or words can't be found.




Any thoughts on either of these issues?

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This is a well documented bug of 10.1 that broke Merge, already fixed for 10.1.1 (released shortly!). As per this topic you can download 10.0.5 if you need MERGE again asap.

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