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7.01 Crash on Synoptics module


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Hi. I am using accordance 7.01 on an intel imac using 10.4.6. When I start up accordance, it asks, "Where is the file for the english text?" Please navigate to the correct folder and select the module.


I can not locate any module that will open and so it forces me to cancel, which takes me to a search window.


The problem is, I have 3 tabs from (from my previous session) and one of those is the "synoptic Gospel" module. When i click on the tab, everytime, it crashes the whole application. I have even tried deselecting the "open last session" option in preference but I get this everytime i open accordance.


By the way, this is on a multiple user set up. My other account seems to be unaffected.

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Try this:


Remove the file Startup session from user/Library/Preferences/Accordance Preferences.


Then in Accordance go to Preferences/Parallel window and reset the Bible text for the Synoptics parallel. That seems to have become corrupted.

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