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Easy Install Gives Misleading Report & Won't Work


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When I attempt to use Easy Install, I get this misleading report box:




Easy Install


Active internet connection not found. Please check

your internet connection and try again.





But my internet is working fine, and I was connected.


As a test, I tried clicking on the Register Online button. That took me to Accordance on the internet at once.

But still the Easy Install would not work, giving the same error message.

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My best guess is you don't have the correct login information entered so it can't log into your Accordance account. Not sure where you change that but that is the most logical reason for it not working.

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Thanks for the responses.


1) What does direct mean? Is a message on the Tech support forum direct? or do you mean to telephone Accordance?


2) My log in info is correct. The error report refers to internet connection, not log in. But I checked the log in info again in response to your kind suggestion. Tnx.

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Direct means by phone or email or Skype or iChat...The team are too busy to monitor the forums and answer individual support questions there.

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I solved the problem myself.

My anti-virus program, Virus Barrier, has a feature for blocking SpyWare.

When I have that active, neither the Accordance update nor Easy Install works -- I get error messages.

After deactivating the anti-Spyware feature, update & Easy Install work.

So, I just briefly turned off the anti-spyware feature.

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