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Accordance 10 Demo Command-9 to Stop Speaking Quits App

Darrik Spaude

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Using the Accordance 10 Demo I did the following:


1) Select some text (e.g. Gen 1:1)

2) Command-9 to start speaking

3) Command-9 to try to stop speaking

4) Accordance quits immediately with this info in system.log:

com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[148] ([0x0-0x1d31d3].com.OakTree.Accordance[1788]): Exited with code: 217


Typing other characters or Command-8 doesn't do anything bad like Command-9. Clicking on the box to stop speaking works fine. I would think Command-9 should stop speaking if speaking was already underway.




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Hi Darrik,


Thank you very much for the report!



Wow, this bug has been around for a while (at least 9.4.x - not unique to the demo).



I was able to reproduce the crash and it is already fixed for a future revision of Accordance.



Thank you,


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