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Compare text results when there are no difference

Ken Simpson

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I wanted to play with compare text, so I opened a GNT-T and a GNT-TIS.


When opened at Matthew 1, it picked up lots of word differenced (that are continued through the whole text. It sees de and kai and basilea as differences. Most of the differences are this sort, though there are (of course) a few significant differences.

ie most of the differences (over 500 of them) that Accordance finds between the two texts are not differences at all.


See Screenshot and text file...it seems I am not permitted to upload an rtf file of all the "differences"



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Hi James,

thanks for pointing it out. The Compare text is set to compare by tag. So I see why they are picked up, because δὲ in GNT-T is tagged as "δὲ δέ Conjunction coord (cop) but, and, now" whereas GNT-TIS is "δὲ δέ Conjunction coord but, and, now".


Now I understand therefore that the tag is different, but it's just wrong, the word is the same. Still, I can see why we are stuck with the difference.

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