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No OT syntax information for key number texts


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The syntax tagging for the underlying Hebrew word no longer appears in the instant details for any of my key number texts. The syntax tagging does still appear for the NT, so I suspect this is due to the renaming of the HMT-W4 and corresponding syntax module. I suppose the texts would still pull the information from the old BHS syntax file, except that I removed it from my computer so it wasn't cluttering the Add Parallel menu. I'm not seeing the tags on iOS either, where I removed the tagged BHS. Related?


Edit: The tagged Hebrew text works fine. This issue applies only to the key number texts.


Edit 2: Restoring the BHS-W4 syntax to the Gloss folder fixed the problem.

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Hi Jonathan,


have you installed the new HMT-Syntaxfile? It works fine for me with that installed.



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