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NA27-T and NA27 Apparatus sigla issues on iOS

Jonathan C. Borland

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I'm not sure if this is related to the iOS 4.5 upgrade or not, but I think it is.


In the NA27-T text:

  • The first half bracket appears as a lowered circle and the enclosing half bracket appears as a double slash. (e.g. Matt 1:16)
  • The square (to indicate the beginning of longer omissions) appears as a Gothic v, and the single backslash to indicate the ending of the omission appears as a capital Greek phi. (e.g. Matt 2:4)


In the NA27 Apparatus:

  • The Gothic M sigla (designating the Byzantine mss) appears as a dagger/cross. (e.g. Matt 1:5)
  • The "f" (sigla to designate "family" as in f1 or f13) appears as the Gothic M. (e.g. Matt 1:5)
  • The cursive "l" for lectionary appears as a Gothic h. (e.g. Matt 2:8)

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Sorry about this regression. Found and fixed for a future bug fix release.


Thanks for the report,



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  • 4 weeks later...

I have similar problems with BHS-Apparatus:

  • Gothic G (for LXX) appears as a gottic K.
  • Gothic S (Peshitta) appears as the sign for Samaritan Pentateuc.
  • Gothic T (Targum) appears as Gothic G.
  • Gothic M (Massoretic text) appears as a cross.
  • Gothic V (Vetus latina) appears as a cursive f.
  • Sign of Samaritan Pentateuc appears as another sign.

There are probably other problems. Is there a fix to this coming?




(iOS 5.1.1)

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This should be fixed in v1.5.1 which is currently waiting to be reviewed and approved by Apple.

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