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Analysis display question

Ryan Kilgore

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Hi all,


I want to create a list of all Hebrew nouns and verbs in a given passage which I can then export (in some fashion) to an Excel spreadsheet to form the basis of a manual parsing exercise. Since Accordance recognizes prefixes and suffixes as separate words, when I go either the Analysis display or Parsing window, only the verbs or nouns themselves are shown, not the attached prefixes or suffixes. Is there a way to change this option? Right now I'm getting around it by copying/pasting from the search window, but it's easy to lose track of where I'm at and seems like unnecessary extra work. Does anybody have thoughts on a solution for me?


Thanks so much!



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I did not answer before, because there is no good way to do this, sorry!


The Analysis always treats the words separately. In Parsing you can show the parts of speech that you want, but they will be on separate lines.


If you use the Concordance you get your hits in the context of the surrounding words, but you concord those hits over the range of you search, or over the entire text, and they are sorted by lemma. That may be the best solution. For example, all Verbs in Jonah:

  • Set a Range of Jonah
  • Search for [VERB]
  • Click Display and Concordance
  • Set Concordance Display to concord only the search range (you can set that as default).

I hope this helps.

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