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In case anyone is wondering, I went through this thread and used some trial and error to discover that if you enter this URL in Launch Center Pro:




It gives you a prompt to type in a verse reference (or chapter, or even just book name), then takes you right to it in Accordance. Awesome!

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Oops--I see this was already available in LCP as




The results are the same, except the one above actually titles the action prompt "Reference" rather than "Action Input," which is a little nicer.


Scott or Rick: any chance you all could add the ability for Accord to have a word-searchin' URL?

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That's because I entered the URL wrong. Sorry! And for some reason the forum isn't allowing me to edit my previous post. Here is the appropriate URL to enter:


The 'ref' portion was missing.


I've been in contact with the developer of ReadingPlan and he is adding our URL scheme into the defaults.


One recommendation: in Accordance > Library > Settings > Text Search Views > set Show Context to 'All'. When ReadingPlan passes a range of verses to Accordance it (currently) clips the verse range and goes only to the first verse. If your context is set to none (the default) it will only show the first verse in the range. The developer is aware of this and said it is because every other app isn't able to handle the ranges properly. He may tweak it for our app, or we may tweak it on our end in the future. But for now this is the best solution.


I've been using ReadingPlan daily, and I love the combo with Accordance. I attempted to use YouVersion last year with a reading plan, but quit because I really wanted to read in Accordance. This is the perfect fit until (or if ever) we expand our own reading plan feature to include advanced options for tracking status, etc.


I have a small problem with the range of verses mentioned here by Rick Bennett.

When I have a reading like Acts 21:17-36 and in Accordance I have set the context to none my

  • iPhone 6 is correctly displaying just the verses 17:36
  • ipad air2 is incorrectly just displaying verse 17

All settings and versions of the 2 apps (accordance: 2.2 Build 2.1.06852 and reading plan: 4.2.1) are exactly the same. The OS is also the same (8.4.1)


Any idea why the iPhone is displaying the correct range and the iPad is not?




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