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UI Bugs


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This is a list of inconsistencies and annoyances found on the "Easy Install/Updates" screen. I love Accordance and am suggesting these things because I want it to be better.


First, the Accordance logo in the upper left corner is ambiguous. What about this button leads the user to think he/she will be directed to the Accordance website? How about a globe logo instead? Or even better, nothing. A link to the website should be on the About or Info screen, not the downloads screen. If the idea is that you're directing users to where they can obtain more modules, this is against Apple guidelines anyway.


Second, clicking the Accordance logo button immediately takes the user out of the app and launches Safari. Since this button is ambiguously labeled, it's jarring to be taken out of the app. If you're going to leave this button, the user should be presented with a "Go to Accordance Website" & "Cancel" options.


Third, the Done button. This button should instead be labeled "Cancel" or "Back" because that is what it does. Labeling it "Done" implies that after the user has selected which modules to download, they are now actually done and ought to tap this button in order to download.


Fourth, the download button. I actually like this one. It's labeled well, and does what it says. The only suggestion I have here is to use the same download icon Apple uses everywhere else. UI consistency means that your app is easier for people to figure out.


I suggest removing the Accordance logo button, moving the "Done" button to the left and labeling it "Cancel", and then moving the download button from the bottom right to the top right.


Now, the major suggestion for this screen is to find a way to download modules while leaving this screen, and even the app! Forcing the user to stare at a static, non-updating dialogue window while their modules download is extremely frustrating. This is compounded by the fact that most users will have to sit through this more than once if they ever have to restore or replace their phone. Evernote, Instagram, Rdio, are apps I use on a daily basis which can download data in the background, and they do it quite well.


Obviously, these are minor suggestions, but I think polishing up Accordance iOS will help it shine even more.

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Hi Rick,


Thanks for these suggestions. I know you put thought and consideration into your requests, so I appreciate you taking the time to write this out.


Improving the Easy Install screen is definitely worth consideration, although to my knowledge this isn't part of the current agenda for version 1.5 which will mostly focus on improving the reading experience. That being said, some of these ideas might not take too much time to implement and I think they are on the right track. In particular, rethinking some of the buttons and making their respective labels/functions more intuitive is something we might be able to look into.


We are definitely working hard to make our iOS app the best it can be, and a lot of these issues just come down to prioritization.

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Thanks for responding, Darin. That totally makes sense, and I understand that these aren't pressing issues. Great to hear that you're focusing on improving the reading experience! Sounds like a great move.

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