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Scrolling Freeze Bug

Carol K

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I have had this problem for a while (I believe going back to before the iOS 5.0 update). I am currently using version 1.3.3 on an iPod Touch, 4G. At times when I am scrolling through Bible text (e.g. NIV), scrolling freezes. After a few seconds, the text jumps backwards what I believe is a fixed amount of text. For instance, I was near Mark 7:2 and the text jumped to Mt. 8:25. Another time, Is. 52:14 jumped to Is. 14:13. I can get back to where I was originally by clicking the Back arrow then the forward arrow.


I have not been paying attention to see if the problem happens in other Bible texts or reference works. I also am not sure if the direction of my scrolling matters.

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