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Steve Loosley

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I'd like to search a section of Hebrew text for repeated phrases; e.g., repeated word patterns such as AB or ABC or ABCD.


For example, in 1 Kings 13 the phrase "the word of the Lord" occurs numerous times in the Hebrew. How do I search a specific/defined section of the Hebrew text to find such a phrase?


Thanks in advance for help!!




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This is quite easy in Accordance, but there are lots of permutations:

First set up the range for the passages you want to search


Open the BHS-W4 to search for words with the field in More Options set to Chapter (if you want the repetition to be within a chapter). This does slow the searching, Book even more so.


Open a Hebrew construct (linked to the Search window) and define it like this:



Basically a phrase of any two words followed by another phrase in which the words agree in lemma with the first phrase.


You can vary the WITHIN to allow more or less words intervening inside the first pair (if you have none, phrases with prefixes and suffixes will not appear), and between the pairs.


You can search for LEX or INFLECT. It will be quicker to specify the elements further such as not to be a particle (as shown) or any other specifications, as this will speed the searching. As shown it is quite slow and finds a lot of hits (7576 in Genesis!).


Try it. :)

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Thanks Helen!!


A couple questions:

1) Do I have to set the limits of the text with "More Options"; or, can I set the limits from the main search window with [Range?]?


2) Is there a way to extract the 'hits'? Or do I just scroll through the highlighted texts?


3) Better, is there a way to do an analysis on the hits (i.e., similar to the analysis button, except that it gives an analysis of the phrases, not the words). What I'd like to do is extract the phrase hits and then sort them according to frequency.


Thanks again and



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You can use the RANGE command. There is only one situation where it gives different results from the Range, with the COUNT command.


You cannot get an analysis of phrases, you are on your own there.


This search would be more useful if you specified at least one of the words, otherwise I can see that there is an overwhelming number of irrelevant hits.

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