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Greg Terry

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Kevin -


I often try things and get unexpected results. The worst is when I say something that has an unexpected & unintended meaning. It can't be unsaid. At least with a bunch of computer goobly-gook, you can't get in too much trouble!


By the way, I have tried, repeatedly, to post my picture on my profile with no success. I reduced and reduced the size of the image. It's now only 157 KB and less than 300x300, yet it won't upload. Any ideas, anyone?


It's not that I think everyone is just dying to see a picture of a 60 year old woman who was not beauty queen material even at 18, but the gray and white profile is mysterious, and I'm not. I really am NOT in a witness protection program.



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Julie, what format is your picture? I just changed mine using a jpeg image that is 389 x 460 and weighs in at 33 KB.

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It's a png. I'll try converting it and see what happens. Reduce the size, too?

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Got it. No longer a mysterious gray-scale shadow.



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