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1.3 - wow

William B

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Hi I just wanted to add a word of encouragement about the new version. I have to admit I installed it thinking I would see little if any changes but it has blown me away! I love the fact it now remembers what I am doing or reading even if I change. In fact it's gone beyond that, for instance I was researching via esvi and had my notes on pararell, (love the fact the edit box pops up in the middle now) I decided to go and see what the nidntt had to say on a word assuming yeah I may be back at the right verse but my notes would be gone etc, nope it was all still there waiting for me. So much easier now to use and to fly about all the different resources, I am really impressed and very thankful, I can now do a real in-depth sermon prep on my iPad (which is just in time because my mac battery has died!). Thank you all so much for the app, and for the resources that make digging into the bible so efficient.

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