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NIDNTT in search list not showing Greek font

Robb B

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It looks like there might be a bug in NIDNTT in showing fonts correctly. I did a search on NIDNTT for a Scripture reference, and in my list I got a lot of "garbled" text. Here's a screenshot to show what I mean.




It would be nice if the actual Greek was there, or a good transliteration (although I would prefer the Greek text personally).


Thanks for all your hard work,

Robb Brunansky


By the way, I do still wonder if Oak Tree has ever come within a few hours of Wichita, KS or ever plans to :)

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You did not explain that your search was via the Search All window. You will get Greek just fine if you search NIDNTT directly, or click on one of these entries to view the NIDNTT text.


This is a problem due to the complex multi-lingual browser which has to handle both Greek and English article headings. Accordance succeeds well in Louw & Nida because the lowest level of the articles are all in Greek. However, NIDNTT has mixed article titles, a few are in English such as The Parousia in your example, and although the NIDNTT browser handles these fine, it is just too complicated for the Search All.


I hope you can live with this little reminder that Accordance is no more perfect than we are, but we are working on it.

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Good point, Helen. The problem was actually with the Search All window, not the NIDNTT. I noticed it again later when I was looking at the NA27 Apparatus in the same window.


I appreciate the quick response and great customer service we always get with Oak Tree. It's always good to be reminded that nothing is perfect this side of eternity - gives us a greater hunger to be there. Praise the Lord for those reminders!



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