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Accordance 9.3.1 Update Installs 9.2.1

Matt Fredenburg

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Hello, I just wanted to make the Accordance folks aware of an upgrade problem I had. I found a workaround by manually downloading the 9.3.1 installer. My OS version is 10.6.7 and the version of Accordance I was attempting to upgrade from was 9.3.



1. Accordance->Check for Updates...

2. Checking for updates...

3. A free update with Name:Accordance, Size:39.3 MB, and Version 9.3.1 is listed and checked

4. Click on Download

5. Downloading Accordance...

6. A message stating 'Click Install to add your new modules to the Accordance Library' appears.

7. Click Install

8. A message stating 'All module upgrades have been installed'

9. A message stating 'Please quite Accordance and install the new version using the installer found on your desktop' appears.

10. Click 'OK'

11. Close the Check for Updates window.

12. Quit Accordance

13. The only installer that is on the desktop is labeled 'Accordance 9.2.1 Installer' with a size of 18.4 MB.

14. Move the 'Accordance 9.2.1 Installer' to the trash.

15. Start Accordance again, go to step 1.


(The above loop was infinite).



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I experienced the exact same problem.



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We haven't been able to replicate this issue. If you are willing to work with us to track it down, please send me contact info for iChat or Skype (email or personal message). If you just want the upgrade, download it directly from the program installers page.

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If you restart the Mac, this will clear the temporary files asnd Accordance will download a new installer for 9.3.1. This problem is a side effect of the ability to resume a file download. For those who just sleep the Mac and never shut down (which you should occasionally) this now causes a problem since the accordance.zip file download is always the same name.

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