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Add Context Not Showing Full Context

Mick Matousek

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After a search, when one Adds Context of one verse to a search with 'none context', the verses shift down to add the second half the context. While it may have been a design consideration, to not confuse the user. I feel this is a flaw in approach to context. Context is both before and after the target verse. When I "Add Context", that pop menu command should automatically result in complete context, not merely half context. For example, if I select 'Add Context 2', then the location should move up two verse to capture the 2 verse before and after.


Even if you are at the first occurance verse of a search, the scrolling does automatically go up to capture the first half of the context.


You are welcome to move this posting if you feel it is a feature request.


Additionally, I'd hope someday to see a "smart" verse up down arrow, that respects the context setting. Moving up or down 1 verse at a time in a context of 3 verse is very inefficient. Yet, using chapter up down arrows in a context of verses will hop some occurrences within the same chapter. You see my point.


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I think you are being rather particular here, Mick.


First, on whether after adding context the window should still scroll to the first "hit." We do that deliberately because if someone added 10 verses they would no longer see the "hit" verse at all. You can easily scroll back to see the preceding context.


Second, on the "smart" verse button: if you select All in the Context menu, you do get bookmarks on each "hit" verse, and the Mark buttons appear so you can use them to go directly to the next "hit" verse.

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