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Norman Dalton

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I'd love to see a "Recent Documents" item added to the File Menu. It would be a big help in finding the most recents documents I've worked on easily. I know Spotlight or the find command works well, but I have to remember the document name! Recent Documents means I have a memory jog from the list.

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I would like to see that as well, Norman. It's a little different for Accordance than it is say for an app like TextEdit, which is a document-based application. The saved sessions and windows are technically aren't saved documents... their just a collection of settings to instruct Accordance what to open. I just mean that the implementation would be quite different. However, it could be done. Saved windows/sessions could be added to the list on open and on save. What makes it rather strange behavior, is that you can open lots of windows, workspaces, tools, and texts... use them... close them... and they'd never appear on the "Recent Items" submenus because there's no way to delineate which "stage" you'd like suspended for later retrieval.


Further, I'd then like a "Favorite Sessions/Windows" added as well. I have sessions I close every window and then open for different purposes (Greek Reading, Greek Study, English lookup, etc.).

It'd be nice to access those without using a 3rd party app including Finder. :o

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MacOS X Smart Folders can mimick 'Recent Items' in the file menu of Accordance. It is easy to create a Smart Folder that automatically and exclusively searches for accordance documents, and only those modified in the recent timespan (day, week, month, etc). Add this Smart Folder to your Saved Searches in your home folder with the checkbox 'Add to Sidebar' that adds the Smart Folder to your sidebar. That way it will be available whenever you use the Accordance open dialog. A RECENT ITEMS for Accodance documents with no fuss.


I've attached three screenshots showing what I just described. Much information about Smart Folders is described in the MacOS X Help menu.


If you are using the third party utility 'Default Folder', you'll gain further advantages.


This tip might partially satisfy this feature request:





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Thanks for the helpful tip. I've set up the 'Recent Accordance Documents' Smart Folder according to what you specified in the screenshot. Then I "clicked to open" several Accordance Tools/Texts from the Accordance Folder sub-folders. I don't see any of these listed in my 'Recent Accordance Documents' Smart Folder. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?






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Modules are a different kind MacOS X file than Accordance saved search files. Edit the Smart Folder to add or change from Accordance documents to Accordance modules. There are about half a dozen different kinds of Accodance files that the Smart Folder recognizes. Carefully scroll thru the list of 'kinds' of files in the pop up Smart Folder criteria.


Also, opening a module is a lot like the built in Accordance menu choice under the File menu. 'New Tool' which will allow easy selection of modules by the popup menu. So to me it seems a duplication, but you may have another idea as well.

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