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Fixed my Crash


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I've got Accordance running smoothly on my iPad after multiple times loading and still having it crash on startup.

I just can leave bad enough alone so I restored my iPad figuring that maybe there was a bad file that wasn't getting erased when I deleted the program.

After restore to the latest operating system (4.2.1), I loaded about four files at a time with easy install making sure that I avoided anything to do with any atlas, timeline, pictures, syntax or parallels. After a while I had all my other listed modules on the ipad and it has been fine for 24 hours of use.


Maybe it was a bad file, maybe it was that I hit the servers at a more convenient time, maybe God just took pity on me.


I'm sure the Accordance folks will come up with a more elegant and less destructive solution than to wipe the iPad, but that's my story.


Hope it goes well for you'all.



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