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Atlas Version 2

Helen Brown

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Version 2 of our extremely popular interactive Bible Atlas. All the previous features are now enhanced with the addition of:

  • High resolution backgrounds: 10 times the resolution in the areas of greatest interest which now lets you zoom in to see the shapes of hills and valleys such as the hills around Jerusalem, instead of square pixels.
  • Larger area which now covers more of Italy, Greece, Egypt, and the Persian Gulf.
  • Modern boundaries of all the states in the region, and major modern cities.
  • Addtional sites, routes, and regions.
  • New pre-defined layers showing every available route and region.
  • Two new topographical backgrounds.

Before and After Pictures:



The new Atlas is priced at $89, and the upgrade is only $39 for users with the older Atlas and version 6. The updated Atlas Supplement is available for download or purchase ($10).


More than Maps, the second article in Beginning in Mark demonstrates how the Atlas enhances a Bible study.


We also have a small correction for those who have the first batch of Atlas Version 2. If your Map data file (in Atlas files) is dated 1/6/06 you can download the updater to the corrected file dated 1/16/06. You can also download the corrected Satellite background.

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