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Getting an Accordance rep to come to GCTS

Denes House

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Helen et al,


I'm a Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary student, and the seminary is hosting a BibleWorks rep to come and demonstrate BibleWorks 7. The bookcenter is having a sale on BibleWorks 7, and it's being advertised on campus. There's also a LunchBytes program that takes a weekly look at computer resources to aid theological study. One LunchBytes session a semester is on Accordance.


The thing is, there are a bunch of Accordance users here - quite a few, though Windoze does have the edge over Mac here as everywhere else. What would it take to get an Accordance rep up here to do a demonstration or a seminar? I've talked to Jim Darlack, the coordinator of LunchBytes and the on-campus BibleWorks expert. (He is starting to really love Accordance, by the way) He says he'd love to see Accordance come up, and he'd be the one to talk to (as well as David Shorey, the bookcenter manager).


So, Helen and co, what would it take to talk you guys into coming North once a year, or once a semester? I think you could convert a lot of Seminarians.


Jim notes that we're part of the Boston Theological Institute (Harvard, and other Boston-area divinity schools) so a Seminar might draw from more than just GCTS. We also have extensive local networks among pastors and churches. We could do something big, here.

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I'd like to second the motion...


(I won't arrive until this coming fall semester, though)...

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