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BDB Complete ‏קול‎ QOL Seems Deranged


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‏קול‎ (QOL) seems to have the outline numbers wrong or possibly paragaphs transposed. There is a 2a, but no 2b. Then there appear two paragraphs in sequence numbered simply 2 (not 2 . . . 3).


Here is another example:

"1. flame Jo 2:5; crackling of thorns Ec 7:6; rustling of leaves Lv 26:36. m. millstones Je 25:10, Ec 12:4.

3. of articulate speech, thing said: a. (1) " [Emphasis mine.] There is a jump from 1 to 3, without any 2 in the sequence.




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Just checked this in my trusty print BDB and the good news is that all the content appears to be there, but that one thing got mislabeled and the indentation was thrown off.


The article is comprised of






So, the second "2." you see should actually be "b.", and run in with the previous paragraph.


The "1. flame" that you cite should actually be lowercase "L" and run in with the previous paragraph (so the sequence is "k. of wings . . . l. flame . . . m. millstones . . . .")


So, not as deranged as it looks!

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