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I'll apologize in advance for this question but I just can't seem to figure it out. I've consulted the manual but the results I get seem to be different than what the manual suggests I should get.


I often try to search for the exact inflected form of a word or several words in my GNT. It would be nice to be able to hightlight the form in verse I am studying and then drag it up to the search window. According to the manual I should put an = before the word to get Accordance to search for that exact form. However, Accordance then pops up the 'Select Lexical Forms' window instead of searching on the form that I have already entered. I hope that was clear. Any help would be great.







UPDATE: Sorry.. Nevermind, I guess I can use the quotes. How did I miss that?!

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Yes, placing the form in quotes works, so does using Enter Inflected Forms in the Search menu, but the really slick way is to select the word or words in the text, and then option-click the Search button or the pop-up menu item with the text you want to search. That searches for the inflected form in a tagged text, just as it searches for the key number in a keyed text.


BTW, the equal sign searches for the exact form, not the inflected, i.e. it includes accents etc., and upper or lower case, and any punctuation.

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