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PhotoGuide Version 2

Helen Brown

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We are now shipping the PhotoGuide Version 2, and what an upgrade it is! David Lang has doubled the number of pictures and added some special articles on topics like Inscriptions and Ancient Texts, and Pompeiii. Many other articles are expanded and illustrated with additional photographs. The Biblical lands outside of Israel are covered much more fully. Almost all the old photos have been saved at a much larger size and resolution, and color corrected with great care, so they are beautiful and sharp. Of course the added photos match our new higher standards. Of particular interest are the photos of the original 1972 excavations at Capernaum, before the construction of the controversial modern church.


This is now a major reference work, fully searchable by name or Scripture reference, with over 1,200 high quality photos. The special introductory price of $59 is good until the end of December, after which it will be $69. The upgrade price will remain $29, for owners of the PhotoGuide and Accordance 6.


Remember that the slick way to find a place in the PhotoGuide is to make it the default tool for the Atlas, so that double-clicking a name on the Map goes straight to that article in the photoguide.

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