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Transition Update!

Helen Brown

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Version 9 of Accordance is almost ready for release. There are a host of new features to enjoy. There is also a new suite of Primary levels and additional Bundles to make your choice easier. These are now available for purchase.


The Easy Install delivery option will let you download most purchases directly to OS X through Accordance 9, saving time, delivery, and media charges.


We are transferring all the new products and information to the website and the servers just as fast as we can. However, it isn't all ready yet.




Tues. 9 pm EST:
We're still fixing the last few issues we know about. Certainly hope to release by the end of the week. Also hope to have your full purchase history in your online account. If you don't yet have an account, please create one.


Mon. 1 pm EST:
The new website is up. Please empty the cache in your browser if the pages do not appear correctly. Some browsers will do this if you press shift and reload together.

Please watch this page for release info:


  • Version 9 is NOT released
  • Easy Install is an option in your cart but not active until you install version 9
  • Links to Emulator download files are not visible
  • Purchase History is currently only your online purchases; full history of OakTree purchases and registrations is coming
  • Starter 9 Collection is not yet available for download
  • Many updates are still to be uploaded to the servers

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If you have pre-ordered version 9, please wait for the download until our official release scheduled for tomorrow, Monday. The pre-release has revealed some issues, and we are doing our best to clear up all the significant ones so that the official release will be as trouble-free as possible.

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