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Formula for Specific Search?


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Does anyone know how to create a search for the following:


I want to find all occurrences of a Hiphil, infinitive construct where the initial 'he' has been replaced by a preposition (syncopation).




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Try this:


[VERB hifil infinitiveConstruct] @-"h*" <PRECEDED BY> <WITHIN 1 Words> [PARTICLE preposition]


I came up with 46 hits, which would amount to 23 occurrences. Be sure to click the Details button and look at the Analysis tab. This will show you the various verbs which are used in this construction, along with the three prepositions used.


Hope this helps.

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Surely it is simpler to just make it a phrase:

[PARTICLE preposition] [VERB hifil infinitiveConstruct] @-"h*"

of course in the entry box the Particle precedes the Verb.

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