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NAC & Proverbs Search Entry Bug


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Greetings Most Excellent Developers of This Magnifical Tool!


After entering "Prov 1" and pressing the return [enter] key, the search results section displays, as expected, the KJVS text in the left pane and the New American Commentary text (for Proverbs 1) in its pane.


After entering "Prov 4", the KJVS pane displays Proverbs 4 BUT the NAC displays Proverbs 10:2,4. Also, Proverbs 7 results in an NAC of 28:4 and Proverbs 8 (my sermon text for this upcoming Sunday) results in 28:3. Yikes!


You all are very much appreciated and often prayed for. God Speed!



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Thanks for reporting this. The issue is that the ref: 28:3, 8 has the 8 tagged as Prov 8. By default Acc will display the last reference note for a verse (usually the more detailed commentary notes rather than larger section headings). If you navigate to Prov 8 with the tool open on its own you should get the desired results. Our apologies for the issue.


Tip: when navigating to a reference in a commentary use the = before the verse ref to get the specific one in mind (e.g., =Prov 8).


As a side note, please email reports like this to Helen so she can track them better and make sure they get addressed (instead of lost here in a post).

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