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widget woes after 6.9

Karyn Traphagen

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I've lost my widget! I loved my widget.


After I updated to 6.9 it just died, wouldn't display any text. I tried several things.


Finally, I removed the widget from my desktop and completely reinstalled Accordance 6.9.


No widget on the desktop.


What should I try next?


This always happens to me... I post my problem after trying for hours to solve it, and then shortly after i post, I figure out a way to fix it.


After a second reinstall, the widget appeared on the desktop and when I clicked on it I was able to successfully load it and it works fine now. Well, at least it seems to!


I never did get the widget to change texts without flipping it though.

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You must have somehow gotten an old widget version, or something like that. Go into your user home folder, into the Library folder, into Widgets, and delete the Accordance.wdgt file (if its there). Now, go to the Accordance Download page, and download the widget manually (2nd item in the list). This should work fine with 6.9.

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